When it comes to nail shapes, there are many of them. They can be oval, rounded, almond shaped, square or stiletto. The ones that can always draw the attention and that have become popular this year are the stiletto nails. Today, we have made a photo collection of 15 Impressive Summer Stiletto Nail Designs, so that all of you who have stiletto nails can get an inspiration for your next summer nail design.

Stiletto nails are oval shaped nails that are more pointed than rounded at the tip. Since they are usually longer then the other nail types, you have the chance to experiment with versatile patterns. However even if you choose to paint them with one nail polish color without adding some pattern, they will again make a statement because of their length and shape. The right colors for the summer time are the pastel and neon colors. And when it comes to patterns, the possibilities are versatile. You can add some stripes, flowers, tropical print or even add some fruit design. Below, we have included these nail design ideas as well as many others that you can try to copy this summer. Check them out and choose which one is your favorite. Enjoy!

Pink, White and Gold Nail Design

Photo via: fashion.healthdailyheadlines.com

Coral Stiletto Nail Design

Photo via: beautyhihi.com

Yellow Floral Nail Design

Photo via: beautythere.com

Mismatched Stiletto Nail Design

Photo via: beautylish.com

Nautical Stiletto Nail Design

Photo via: beautytipsntricks.com

Mint, White and Black Nail Design

Photo via: trends-style.com

Neon Yellow and Pink Negative Space Stiletto Nails

Photo via: kouzelnenehty.blogspot.com

Mint and White Negative Space Nail Design

Photo via: cutenailsart.com

Pastel Floral Stiletto Nail Design

Photo via: polyvore.com

Pastel Stiletto Nail Design

Photo via: mycherrynails.blogspot.com

Mismatched Pink Stiletto Nail Design

Photo via: instagr.in

Embellished Orange Stiletto Nail Design

Photo via: beautylish.com

Geometric Stiletto Nail Design

Photo via: taofeminino.com.br

Watermelon Stiletto Nail Design

Photo via: galleryhip.com

Glitter Floral Nail Design

Photo via: beautylish.com

So, how will you choose to make a statement with your stiletto nails this summer? Will you just go for some neon nail polish color, or maybe you will go for some interesting pattern, like striped, floral, fruit designs or tropical print? Or how about adding some embellishments or glitter? No matter of your choice you will for sure have an eye-catching nail design, because stiletto nails are definitely the right ones for drawing the attention. Thank you for reading and stay up to date with our content to find other inspiring nail design ideas.


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